a week has gone by, what on earth have I been doing?

29 April 2010

well,...I'll show you!

I have been knitting on the bus to and from work, very successful way to use up time, as i feel sick if I read on the bus so learning japanese never happened!
Nao has been making us lovely sandwiches japanese styley, to help us save up for buying a house!

I felt very happy to leave for work with lunch + knitting in my wicker briefcase! I work in the city, surrounded by solicitors and bankers, so I think I might mingle in well with my new attire!

My beautiful lunch box, thank you Nao! X

We have been working everyday/night like lunatics! we managed to get our big wholesale orders off to Japan finally, managing to dodge the dust cloud so we can breathe knowing we are getting paid on time, phew!
So now we are being like two whirlwinds trying to get the shop finished. We had to stop by the little workshop that makes up our leather collection, and to the amazing Batchelor's leather shop next door.

I love it in there, until I remember that its full to the brim of skin...ergh, I still find it disturbing!

between all the painting, problem solving and general heaving of huge furniture, we did manage to squeeze in a little marketing. I found this tiny hand, which might feature in our new jewellery collection somehow.

and these little letter cubes, which also would make nice display in the shop.

they came in this red tub, treasure!

and two very old children's books dated 1870! This one is so terrifying and with a very horrible ending...

tonight I made a start on re-upholstering this chair for the workshop. i just began painting the frame, it is a big job so I'm not sure if I can manage this one...have to wait and see!

so, we have had a week of...eating take away dinners in the workshop and getting home around 10pm each night. Waking up with every muscle aching and paint in my hair and smelling of white spirit! It is looking better though, and we are starting to get very excited how it is all coming together...soon all will be revealed!

p.s. sorry about these rubbish snaps, I had no time for proper photos this week : (

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