3 April 2010

a stroll in Angel.

We haven't had much of an Easter holiday thus far...we have been floor laying in the new workshop, and today we put our tools down and made a quick rush to Farrow and Ball in Angel, before they closed.
We bought some paint for our kitchen table and a few other things. That paint shop is ridiculously posh, it looks and feels like an expensive perfumery!{about the same price too} I felt out of place in my working clothes.

Beautiful colours though!
We walked back to the bus stop, and saw some things that I love about London.
Like little passage-ways lit with Victorian lanterns.

Superior dwellings.

We looked around in amazement that some lucky B**tards actually live there!

 In London, you are never more than 100 yards* from a park.

...with beautiful trees!

and I'm always amazed at these incredible Victorian London pubs, with there elaborate etched windows and partitions. I found these ones with birds in, particularly interesting!

We walked down Camden Passage towards the market and found a few stalls still open.

With empty pockets, I was a bit scared to look through all these clothes.

...but, O no! I couldn't help it, and I fell in love with this Pigeon skirt! But I couldn't have it and I had to wrench myself away with force.

I just can't seem to get away from the market these days, I am ADDICTED.

Nice vintage wedding dresses and such like.

I didn't go in here, I know it would just end in tears.

But we did go in here! I got a free sample of this perfume, that made my day!
In fact this shop makes a perfume called Artemisia, nearly my name!

S0, anyway, that was our short walk from the paint shop, to the bus stop.

I hope you are having a lovely Easter holiday... I am half way through painting our shed, I hope to have it finished in a few days so I will be posting photos soon! Now I just need to rest {and eat chocolate}.

slight exaggeration.


  1. Aaah, went to Camden passage a few weeks ago for the first time, I feel your pain, so many things I would wanted to buy but couldn't justify the price...if you look hard enough you can find these things in charity shops and jumble sales for a fraction of the cost, and you always seem to find some wonderful things, I am always very envious!

  2. And just to think those houses probably sheltered up to ten families each 150 years ago. Great pics from your walk. I love etched glass in pub windows too.
    Have a great Easter. xx

  3. What a lovely walk around London - it's revived so many memories of living there. Happy Easter!

  4. What lovely pictures, they make me want to get on the London train!

  5. Ah, my manor! Glad you enjoyed it! Come back soon.

  6. I loved 'a stroll in Angel'. It bought back many memories from when i was there living in one of the huge houses but with about 400 other people. Good fun and so much to see and do in the area. Love your photos.

  7. I agree about the F&B shops. same feeling here in France ;) but since paints are good it justifies a little higher prices & the fact I use them in my house !
    thanks for sharing the stroll

  8. Is that Annie's, pictured? I've not been there for soooo long. And I have meant to get a Penhaligon's scent my whole life, I really need to sort this out!