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9 April 2010

It never ceases to amaze me how dapper Nao looks on a daily basis, and yesterday was no exception.
He appeared from the flat in the morning wearing this outfit which I thought considerably debonair!
I had to take some snaps before he started doing his catalogue pose.
Like me, Nao doesn't spend a great deal on clothes {Oi its true!!}except the odd John Smedley which provided tasty moth fodder, he likes to mix up a bit of vintage {like 1930-50s jackets} with cheap stuff... 

jacket is from the sale in Muji, Tokyo, {it's much bigger, better and cheaper over there} just £15!, 
plimsolls from Peckham Primark - £5, 
collarless shirt from Peckham Primark - £5, 
jeans Levis vintage - £25,
 leather satchel - a xmas pressie from me, 
silk/bamboo scarf, handwoven by me, - free, 
handkerchief {a napkin from Liberty's} - free 
18ct gold signet ring from Rust - £1,500! {free}
Liberty carrier bag - free...

Speaking of Liberty's, we loved the limited edition Merci range so much that we are going to use them as packaging and free gifts in our Tokyo shop! I especially like the roll of disposable {no way!!} fabric napkins that come on a roll, they are perforated so just rip off and use. So many uses I have found for these already!

The sellotape is amazing, I love sticking pictures up with it as you can see in my previous post! It doesn't leave any marks on the paint work, and looks rather fetching too!

and these note books and envelopes are already winging their way over to Tokyo as I write this!

Those lucky Japanese customers eh? Well I am thinking that, why not do the same in London, except using lovely Japanese papers and textiles. They do some beautiful prints and stationary, and I like the idea of a cultural exchange! So maybe in May I will be in Tokyo buying up some goodies for the London shop!
But for now, merci Merci!!

*photos by me.

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