new shoes & a new banner {maybe}

26 April 2010

Some new shoes! I broke my second hand clothes rule already, oops! But bargains are just flying at me, what am I supposed to do? I found these down on Peckham Rye (classy eh?) for £16...a little bit more than I would have like to have paid, but what can you do?

Also, you may have spotted, I have been messing about with my blog, again. Been doodling a bit today on the bus etc... and discovered this had happened in my sketch pad. I'm not sure if I like it enough yet, so it may be a temporary thing...I like the idea of it, but somehow it needs to be different but not sure how. What a way to waste some time eh? Like I have nothing more important to do than doodle and take pictures of my shoes! I think it is some kind of psychological disorder when I am feeling a bit stressed about important things that are out of my control somewhat!

Anyhow, Monday, Yuk.

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