5 April 2010

a nature study!

I know I already did a post today...but we went for small stroll through Peckham Rye park after a lovely cooked breakfast in the cafe {for lunch} and we found so many lovely things that I just couldn't wait to see the pictures when I got back home.

So much Springy stuff going on all of a sudden. 

Camellias in the so called 'Japanese' garden, that Nao seems to find funny for some reason.

ickle little flowers in abundance...

..smelling all sweet and summery, even though it was bloody freezing!

strange bell shaped ones...

very serene willow trees, and a bit of a muddy duck pond

all in all, I can safely say, that spring as most definitely sprung, in Peckham at least!


  1. what camera do you use artemis? These are so lovely xo

  2. ahhhh, willows are my faaavorite!

  3. Definitely worth a second post! x

  4. Very pretty! Thanks for the second post!

  5. Beautiful photos!

  6. absolutely beautiful, I especially love the blossom photo near the top, so pretty!

  7. Spring is such a treat. I like your indoor things as well.

  8. Beautiful pictures! I just walked around our neighborhood and snapped a bunch of pretties this morning. Your new flat looks very cute too, and I love your sewing / weaving shed. Adorable!