17 April 2010

My first day off in 7 days, and there is forecast a lovely sunny day ahead! But, glancing through the window at the meadow like usual, I spotted an eerie mist hovering over the graveyard. I grabbed the camera and dashed out in my pyjamas to take a few snaps...I'm sorry if these are boring for you...I just can't stop taking pictures of it! 

and more grass photos!

this is where the meadow becomes the graveyard, although I was alone (8am saturday), I kept hearing twigs snapping behind the trees, spooooky!! I really wanted to get a photo of the woodpecker that I hear every morning...but for now it will remain illusive.

These look old, but they are from the 1915-30s, they are the oldest I have found yet, some are so sad, two brothers and a sister died in the teens, and lots of 18 year old soldiers...it really makes you feel lucky.

I love this swing, I think it would make the perfect place to take portraits or fashion shoot or something like that, but as yet I have no model : (

I'm so happy to see swathes of this, my absolute favourite weed/wild flower! Cow Parsley...what a great name eh? It looks lovely in huge bunches in big jugs, I hope no one will mind me grabbing bundles of this later!

these are the wild chives that are growing everywhere! They also have very beautiful flowers so I'm looking forward to that too.

these boots are rubbish! I try to avoid wearing leather because I don't like the idea of wearing someone else's skin (I don't eat meat either) but the water just soaks straight through and it was like walking on wet sponges!
I'll get my wellies out next time, basically that's the answer!

Thanks for reading this if you got this far!
happy weekend!

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