23 April 2010

Liberty fabric cat collar...

I had some more ides for our new collection in my sleep last night {whilst being persued by a serial killer in a nightmare, horrible!} so I decided to bang out some more of those fabric strips I was making yesterday, before I caught the bus to the workshop. It was another beautiful day, and if wasn't for the intense feeling of guilt, I would have loved to spend the whole day pottering about in there!
The sun was beaming in through the window with such a force that I had to defend my sewing machine before it sponaneously combusted...I stopped this from happening in the nick of time, by creating...a curtain. This is a bit makeshift you understand! Stuck to the wall with dress pins! It's a 1930s muslin panel for a door I think, kindly swiped from my mother, thank you mother! It did the trick.

I know... "you should run an iron over that!" as my mum frequently said to me as a teenager. Oh well...

I had a bit of a play around with the strips, and almost by accident, I had created a rather splendid collar for one rather sophisticated lady...

she used to have to wear a nasty flea collar which did kill the fleas {our last flat was flea heaven} but it rubbed all the fur off her neck right down to the skin! She looks a bit peculiar I have to say, quite funny actually.
But now she looks like a proud cat again! It's a shame she has to wear that ugly i.d barrel, I had made her numerous silver and 9ct gold i.d tags before, but they strangely disappear within 24 hours, ..hmm? We thought maybe she was swapping them with some clever neighbour cats for pilchards or something, I hear the gold price has gone up quite a lot recently!

It has an elastic loop for safety reasons, and a tiny tiny antique pearl button, but of course!

In fact, we bought all these tiny buttons in the market on tuesday, some are so small, just 4mm wide, amazing!

so tomorrow is meant to be super sunny and warm o my! I may have to continue making stuff for work, but if I'm lucky I might just get the chance to continue to learn to knit...on the needles I bought in the market. Hope so! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Love the collar - great idea! :)

  2. so pretty !
    my dakota (cat) has one (not half as nice as yours with the cute button)! i'll take a picture :)

    i love your knitting needles...

  3. Lovely collar - I adore Liberty fabrics. Gorgeous pictures too!

  4. Oh lovely! We are getting a little kitten next weekend! I want one of those collars for him! U should sell them in ur shop! :) x

  5. pretty, pretty, pretty....the curtain is fab, it looks perfect on your sewing room.
    A stylish cat for a stylish owner!
    enjoy the sun, happy weekend!
    ah and those tiny buttons...little treasures!

  6. Fab curtain and collar! I LOVE your shed so much, Im soooooo envious!

  7. Such a dandy cat collar! I have to buy flea collars for my kitten beasts today since one of them got out for a night and now there are flea's everywhere. ugh. Their storebought collars are shredded to bits so when the flea collars have done there job I am going to sew them fancy collars. :)

  8. I love your little shed :) Makes me want to throw out all the storage in ours and make it into a little craft cottage. Adorable.