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25 April 2010

Blimey what a gorgeous weekend it was here in London! We stayed at home, doing some of those odd jobs around that house that started adding up. But, we did get a chance to have a bit of a bike ride. I only learnt to ride a bike last summer! I learnt on this child's Moulton bike, and Nao has an adult sized one too...so we went around the park and I managed not to kill anyone (except nearly and old lady and a squirrel). I was so tired even though we only went a few yards! I was really nervous I was going to make a prat of myself by falling off in front of some kids!

We ate warm croissants in the sun and I started to learn to knit in the meadow, it was blissful...

and I have been knitting knitting and knitting all weekend! {I didn't knit that blanket though!}

unfortunately, the first bit of knitting, i used some vintage wool, and it began disintegrating badly as i knitted it, so I gave up and started again with some better new wool!

I learnt from my series of 'Golden Hands' magazines that I found in the charity shop. I have nearly all of them now, they are amazing!

I realised that, at age 32, I am spending my sunday knitting in a shed with a blanket over my knees listening to the Archers on Radio 4, I began to worry...and then i carried on enjoying myself!

knitting is actually really relaxing, it is a lot slower than weaving, but you can do it lying down which always scores points in my book! I'm thinking to even knit on the bus to work! I am just doing plain knitting so far but I might venture into some fancy stitches when I get the knack of it. For now I'm enjoying seeing how different fibres look and feel, like wool, silk, cotton and linen. It might be a scarf if it gets long enough!

 I finally got a chance to do some delicate hand washing jobs too. I love hanging them all out to dry in the afternoon sun, then having a cup of tea and watching Antiques Roadshow...again, how old am I? ...72?

Happy sunday everyone, and also happy belated St.George's day to all the English fellow's out there! We should all celebrate the dragon slayer!

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