22 April 2010

today we had the urge to do a bit of working at home. We had some ideas for some new jewellery, and as this required a sewing machine, then a day in the shed was required!
The only trouble was, it turned out to be a beautiful day...so we were unfortunately forced to have lunch outside in the {freshly mown} meadow!

I steamed some potatoes in our new old steamer from the market this week which was very satisfying. Wild chives from the meadow and some bought quiche!

is this really London? is this really Britain even?

I also managed a bit of pottering around the garden. I filled this rusty old tin with little plants.

and sewed some sweet peas and lupins into pots.

and checked on the general growth situation.

after a quick tea break and chocolate buttons, I got back to work!

I can't really show you the finished items yet, so you will have to wait for a while...if you are even interested that is!

but this was what I was doing all day! Making endless little strips of fabric, yawn! Not that exciting eh!

however, I did have a visitor into my shed today... no that's not our cat Plimsoll, this is a very elderly cat from next door! I think he/she might be visiting again soon.

Now that most of our huge wholesale order to Japan is nearly done, and the planes are back in action, we can sleep knowing we do have an income again, phew!
Next week is going to be the big one for getting the new shop ready, it is quite daunting but I know we can do it, and with new idea for a new collection...we are feeling much more positive! We are currently also dealing with a very unfair landlord (for previous workshop) and will be having to hand over more of our very hard earned money to someone who didn't have to lift a finger for it! We just have to think, at least we are not like that and that is worth all the money in the world isn't it? Anyways, back to the workshop tomorrow!

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