big market {part one}

21 April 2010

this time of year is always nice to go to a big market, sun is shining and everyone is happy! Yesterday we made our way into the countryside for a big market held only a few times a year. It's really meant for dealers and cost £20 entry! People come from abroad in double decker coaches to stock up on English goodies...

the next day is more for public, it costs less to get in, but to be honest, all the good stuff is bought up by other dealers before the gates even open! Still, we are like ferrets when it comes to sniffing out the odd treasure.
We did have an actual reason for coming though, bit of long story so I will abbreviate:
Nao bought huge/very expensive stone well and a cabinet to go to Tokyo shop last year.
It didn't fit in the container from France to Japan, so a French dealer kept them for him.
He was coming to the antique fair, so we arranged to meet him and transfer the stuff into our hired van and take back to our London shop. Got it?
Only trouble was, that stone well is heavier than the earth itself, and took three huge French men to lift it! Plus it was twice as big as i thought! We got back to London and couldn't get it out of the van by ourselves, so we had to beg ask nice people to help, so many thanks to Kevin and Hiro!
Now we have two huge items of furniture in our workshop and can't move!! they cost so much money that we have to use them somehow, uh oh. Very stressful indeedo.
Anyway, I won't be letting Nao buy anything we can't carry ever again!

{i get the feeling these three don't get on that well?}

anyway, back to the market. We did manage to forget temporarily about the situation of the huge well & cabinet (and also a sofa) long enough to go buying, and we found a few small, inexpensive light things, yay!

I loved this dealers pitch, everything was so cheap and smashed up, broken or literally on it's last legs.

'a new light for my shed maybe? Hmmm

we bought these for the workshop, I'm going to fill the bowl with moss and put little stands in it to put our jewellery on, the jug we can fill with huge flowers, what d'ya think? I also bought a nice framed picture for £1!

we also bought a lovely mirror. So many customers, whilst deciding what wedding ring looks nice on them, often ask me for a full length mirror...for a ring?! anyway, they asked so here it is!

I'm most definitely a cat person, but whenever I'm at the market, I always dream of having a proper market dog. Having a mangy scruffy pooch is like the dress code for a serious dealer. They seem to have trained them all to do the big eyed thing at customers to get a sale, crafty.

So, i will be showing you some more of the stuff  we bought in the next instalment, as this post is already way too long! It may even contain a photo of me, modelling a dress I found in the market...not sure yet though, think I look a bit stupid. bye for now!

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