17 April 2010

artemis & nao's southbank adventure!

well, after a misty morning look what sunny delights beheld us! A blue blue sky and whiff of summer in the air, lovely. We ventured out of our south London hole to go to...the South Bank! Not wishing to go over the river of course, it's Saturday for heaven's sake!

we couldn't stop taking photos, me on the slr camera, and Nao on his iPhoney or whatever you call it.

first on the circuit is the Tate Modern, which I've heard is full of ground breaking contemporary works to en-captured the imagination. I only ever go to the cafe and the shop, but I feel cultured somehow by doing this.
I did find much to amuse me there though, I love all the reflections you find everywhere and became somewhat addicted to taking photos of this!

after all that we made our way to the most important part of any museum...

we tried to look smart so as not to look too conspicuous, that restaurant was lovely but a tad pricey.

I love this part of London and whenever I find myself here {usually by accident} I always vow to come again soon. It's so Londonish if you know what I mean!

this little ship called the Golden Hinde  is so great for kids I would have loved it, you even get shouted at by a real pirate!

so, just to re-cap, we had lunch at the Tate Modern, followed by a two hour nap on the grass, followed by cream tea at the Design Museum and then we caught the bus home, walked through the park to the pub, which was full, so bought some beer and went home and sat in the meadow until the sun went down.
We successfully managed to avoid seeing ANY art.
Job done.

roll on Sunday!!


  1. I do a very similar thing at the Tate! Coffee and cake in the cafe and buy children's books in the shop! No art- ever!!!

  2. I always think that visting a museum shop counts as actually visiting the museum...

  3. Wow - I was at the Tate Modern on Saturday too. Got the Tube to London Bridge strolled through Borough Market, by the river to the Tate Modern where I did see some art! Afterwards walked back to the Tube via the river, saw the Golden Hinde, Southwark Cathedral and what I think was the remains of Winchester palace.