shed! - our first foot on the property ladder.

25 March 2010

My shed dream continues, as you might remember, I wanted to have a shed in our new garden, a little place to keep all my weaving equipments and such like. Low and behold, my Mum kindly bought one for me, and two of my brothers kindly brought it up to London from the Isle of Wight and installed it right here in a little garden!. We um-ed and ah-ed  for quite a while before, worrying that the Landlord and neighbours might not be happy about it, but in the end, it didn't look so big and in fact makes the garden look even nicer!
{or course, we will be taking it with us when we move out!}

They came, they saw, and they erected...the shed.
It was very impressive...

and a very serious business. And in the blink of an eye, it was done!

Then all that needed to be done, was the approval of Plimsoll...

I think she likes it...and she can survey her new territory and look for birds much better up there on the roof.

now we just have to decide what colours to paint it and install some shelves etc... very exciting! You won't recognise it after its finished!

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