31 March 2010

rainy market

We have just got back from the market, which was absolutely nackering...but extreamly good fun at the same time! It was cold, dark and raining when we arrived at 6.30am but definitely worth it!

We were looking for: display items for the shop, cabinets, and kitchen table for the flat, a bench for the flat, garden chairs and anything else that caught our eyes.
We found a nice kitchen table for £50 and left it with the dealer to collect later (as per usual)...later on whilst looking around, we saw exactly the same table at another stall! Thinking there can't be more than one pea green kitchen tables, we went back to the dealer and asked where our table was. Turns out he sold it! Twice! We were completely pissed-off and felt a bit diddled. He did give us back our money but we couldn't find another table under £100...I was fuming angry.
Anyway, good old Nao thought it might be worth a try to talk to the other dealer with our table and explain what happened....both sticking out our bottom lips and looking upset. They offered it to us for £60. So we ended up buying it twice with a £10 loss! Booooo! But it was still mega cheap for a nice french table, I'll show you a picture later...
What a long story that was, sorry!

We bought so much furniture! It was a tight squeeze in the car. We found some lovely metal display stands for the shop, a small glass cabinet and plant stands.
For the flat we bought THE kitchen table, an old work bench to use in our flat, some small shelves, two Ercol kitchen chairs, a folding table and a stool. The basket you see poking out, is going to be the bin for our shed! £2, cheaper than Ikea!

We also found a 1960 edition of This is Paris, it so nice to have an old one, and we are thinking to be a This is London old copy too!

I loved these French linen huge napkins, so I bought three!

So we didn't buy many small items in the end ( I have too many of those as it is!)
...and i will take some pictures of the furniture we bought, when the sun comes out, as it was too dark to get any photos this morning!

Mean while, at work we have a new style 4mm Rose cut diamond and platinum ring, with hand milled edge...

Which will be available to order from our new London RUST shop soon!

...and our renovations of the new studio is slow (we are doing it after work and on weekends) but the transformation is going well! we are half way through laying the flooring now.


  1. It looks like you found some great stuff!!!!

  2. I'm going to be very Terry Thomas now and say 'What a swine'! How could he DO that? Well done on getting it back though. Which seller made the profit do you think? Or did they both make £5 each?
    I love the wooden basket/trugs in one of the earlier pictures. The market looks really exciting. xx

  3. Hi - do you mind me asking which market this was? Thank you!

  4. I shouldn't say too much which markets these are as the other trade buyers will hate me! But if you do a bit of google browsing, it should be easy to find... or try this site:


    I normally just go to the ones around London, they are quite famous & expensive but if you keep going often, then you will find some treasures!

  5. I can't believe the 1st table seller! At least the 2nd guy took pity on you so you got it in the end...

    I think the stories attached to market buys are all part of their charm... even though they might make you angry at the time!

  6. i posted one of these photos on my blog i hope that's OK i just love reading your blog and especially about your car boot sale adventures.

  7. amazing carboot!!! I LOVE that ring! Whenm i get married ill be wearing ur ring! just got to find a man first!!!!

  8. other trade buyers will hate me! But if you do a bit of google browsing, it should be easy to find... or try this site:
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  9. Hm I like that white multi level floral stand? And the green legs on that table look very kewl..cant wait to see final pics.

  10. It may have been raining but this looks like my idea of heaven! I love markets in France where I was living last year because everything seems so different and interesting! Would love to find some nice markets around London.

  11. wow, brilliant finds as usual! you are so disciplined!

    cant wait to see the table

  12. Thank you so much.. All the best for your future hunting!

  13. Is this the same market as the one before??/ Where is it please i would love to go!!

  14. You have buy so many things. Nice post.