16 March 2010

this is where we live...

This is our flat! It's tiny, it's rented and it's in South London!
The kitchen is minuscule so we have our kitchen table in the living room...with no tv, but I like this new way of living.

as you can see, we like collecting old things and we try not to buy anything for our home that is modern.

we buy our furniture in markets and junk shops, we think it's much nicer and cheaper too!

this is my desk...

and this is Nao's desk...

the bedroom is also tiny, with all our clothes etc... there's not much space for us!

this is Nao's bedside table...

and this is my side!

the bunting is from our wedding ceremony...

we used the lace in the window for our wedding too, on the table to serve the drinks! now it is a curtain. We bought all the things for our wedding second hand and now we can re-use them, so not much too waste and it's so nice to be surrounded by things to remind you of the day.

even these herbs were table decorations...

so that our flat! we are saving up to buy a place one day, but until then, this is home to us!


  1. small but perfectly formed - it's cute!

  2. What a beatiful home you have! It looks very warm and friendly.
    I hope that this house will bring you lots of joy and inspiration :D
    (excuse me for my English)

  3. It looks very homely already! Love the way you put things together and all your vintage stuff is gorgeous :)

  4. You've made the place look lovely in no time at all. I really like all your vintage pieces :)

  5. I love your home, you have amazing furniture, such a good eye for special finds!

  6. Amazing...it looks like you have been living here for ages. It has such a good vibe. Love the dinner area....well, I love it all. ;)
    And how is Plimsoll...already getting used to the new place?
    Get well soon!

  7. Yes, I do agree that IS a small kitchen, but remember - it's not space you need to create delicious meals, it's love (you have my permission to barf at this point).
    I love the bookcase/sweater cupboard. Good idea. xx

  8. Oh it looks fab Artemis!

  9. it looks like home already! welcome to honor oak, home of my favourite post office!

  10. Your home looks lovely - I am moving to a teeny South London flat next week - have to make compromises to live down south though!

    Charlotte xx

  11. I am in awe of how quickly you have made your new flat your home.
    Love your mismatched chairs and old suitcases - I've been looking for something similar (plus a hanging veg basket; I really need one of those!)

  12. Love your little place!! So serene!!

  13. Your new home looks just perfect.

  14. lovely3.... i had my tiny home self, but i couldn't decor like yours

  15. Personally I love your style! But right now I'm in the States and I would love to see the look on their (ref. the Americans) faces if they saw the size of your beautiful home. Just priceless.


  16. so.. so.. homy. i love it!