our new home {part two}

16 March 2010

Yay! Finally I got my own little work space at home. It is such a luxury even though it's a bit cramped.
It is right next to the garden doors and I get a lovely view of the meadow at the back of our flat.

This room is really small, but instead of having just a tv and sofa, we wanted to make three separate areas, this makes it feel bigger for some reason!

That small orange thing on top of the radio ariel, is a vintage Action Man's anorak. (just in case you wondered!)

We can both tap away at the computer in the same room...a bit more sociable than we had before.

We still have just one box left! But Plimsoll likes to sleep on it, so I might leave it another few days ; )

Next I want to show you all some photos of our new studio, we are currently painting it, every evening...but there is just soooo much to do still!

Right now, I just suddenly came down with a cold or something, so I'm laid up in bed...I hope it won't last as we need to get things finished for the opening of the new studio/shop!

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