5 March 2010

Flat moving progress

Finally we actually managed to move flat, after all the filling out of pages of forms, references and proving that we are truthful, law abiding, puritanical individuals, we have been allowed to rent this tiny flat!

god know where we are going to fit all of our junk and furniture, not to mention all my looms and wool and sewing fabrics, argh! I took these photos to show you how far we've got...erh not very far then!
I really want to paint the flat white (the agent told us that it would be) but when we moved in it was...m a g n l i a !!! I have a magnoliaphobia.

the garden is a tad bigger though, and it backs onto an old cemetary, can wait for those lonely nights in, with only the howling wind and a few unexplained thuds to keep my company. I have already decided to lay flowers on all the graves so they leave me alone!!

So now we have to try and squeeze all our furniture into an already furnished flat, wish us luck!


  1. I love the way that word feels on my tongue 'magnoliaphobia'. It sounds like a magic spell.
    Congrats on finally moving into the flat. Have fun! xx

  2. Now, now even your moving in photo's are lovely! HOW?! I'm even loving the kitchen one. When we moved everything looked awful for ages. I am very impressed as I know how hard it is to move. Plus just think about all the fun you are going to have arranging everything. Well done for getting through all the horrible paper work. Looking forward to seeing more of you settling in.
    Laura x

  3. Quarts and pint pots come to mind! Good luck with the sorting and settling and please keep taking photographs.

  4. I'm magnoliaphobic too! The flat looks beautiful, hope it feels like home in no time at all.

  5. Oh I feel for you. I always find the reality of moving so depressing. I always convince myself that it'll be a great chance to clear out and gradually get my new home the way I want it. But the reality is I always want it sorted YESTERDAY. My turn this summer, possibly twice...

  6. Hope you've settled in nicely - I don't envy you! I think anyone with taste has magnoliaphobia... and I love those triffids in the garden! x

  7. I love the table on a table look, that could catch on! your flat looks lovely, very bright and sunny!

  8. Oh I love your blog...and you know what? I have magnolifobia as well!
    magnolia walls for some reason make me really depressed.
    Put something beautiful against a magnolia wall and it will make it look like dullest thing ever!
    I say boooo to magnolia walls.