Flat moving progress

5 March 2010

Finally we actually managed to move flat, after all the filling out of pages of forms, references and proving that we are truthful, law abiding, puritanical individuals, we have been allowed to rent this tiny flat!

god know where we are going to fit all of our junk and furniture, not to mention all my looms and wool and sewing fabrics, argh! I took these photos to show you how far we've got...erh not very far then!
I really want to paint the flat white (the agent told us that it would be) but when we moved in it was...m a g n l i a !!! I have a magnoliaphobia.

the garden is a tad bigger though, and it backs onto an old cemetary, can wait for those lonely nights in, with only the howling wind and a few unexplained thuds to keep my company. I have already decided to lay flowers on all the graves so they leave me alone!!

So now we have to try and squeeze all our furniture into an already furnished flat, wish us luck!

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