feeling springy

27 March 2010

Isn't it lovely? The sun is feeling warm on my back and little green buds are erupting everywhere, I love it. Spring is my all time, bestest, most favourite season of the year. When we moved onto our new flat, it smelled of cigarettes badly, and a bit like an old fogeys house, ergh. So we painted it and filled it with jasmine plants, the scent of the flowers is so strong, it wafted about our flat and the smell of tobacco has gone!

We collected these twigs from the Horniman Museam. We discovered that we can walk to the museum through our back garden!

A lovely strange orchid from Ikea! It is now all open and looking even more weird than when we bought it.

And, Nao even bought me some flowers, they are beautiful, but I'm not sure what they are called?

thank you Nao!

Do you remember this monkey? I found it stuffed in a box of old tools under a market holders stall.
She had a moth-eaten face and only one eye, and was covered in dirt. Of course I couldn't resit her deformed charms and took her home. I tried my best to repair the big hole in her face and I bought some new glass eyes, and gave her a bath! Now she is as good as new...but, now I look at the monkey, I can't kid myself that she is a beauty. She looks to me exactly like Alan Sugar.

So, during the spring time i have so much to do. Firstly we must finish the new RUST studio so that we can move asap. Then I want to paint our new shed and decorate it nicely with shelves and hooks and such.
Then, I have so many sewing and weaving projects in mind that I can't contain them all in my tiny brain, I might have to write them down so I don't forget them all! 
And THEN, it is the garden...most important of all is to get the new plants in the ground before it is too late. I want to grow some more tomatoes this year, and possibly some other edibles, and some nice Clematis to grow over the shed roof. So much to do!

Next week we are going to a market to procure some new junk for the shop display, and also we are currently using our garden table as a kitchen table, so we need to find a nice kitchen table in the market...exciting time ahead me thinks!

But today, Saturday, we have to go to the studio and finish the painting jobs...dull : (
Oh well, once it is done, then we can do the more exciting stuff!

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