15 March 2010

a 'before & after' + birthdays and update...



Sorry I have been an absent blogger for a whole week! What on earth has been going on?...you may ask.
Well, moving flat and redecorating...renovating a new workshop/shop/office, and two birthdays!
My latest project, started last night, the footstool, as you can see has be Artemisfied...

This is the footstool I found in the charity shop for £5. I discovered this fabric at Ikea when we recently went to buy new shop furniture. It reminds me a bit of Japanese fabric, quite good Ikea!
I used some Liberty print fabric buttons...

Yesterday, Nao turned 30! we had little time to celebrate, so we intend to visit Rome next month instead!

I didn't have time to make a card this year...but I love this one I found!

Nao opening his presents... {I wrapped up the box in an old map, and made the cover into a tag, this was removed before i could grab my camera!}

On the 10th was my birthday {32 arrrrgghhhh!!!}
These are some of the lovely presents Nao bought me, so beautiful... Liberty sellotape!! and a 'mown grass' scented candle...

and Liberty's fabric lined envelope and notebook, Amazing, no?
I also received a Hare shaped eggcup...I'll get a photo of this later!!!

So that's a bit of so far. I will be posting some photos of our new flat tomorrow hopefully, so watch this space, as they say!
Meanwhile, its painting, painting and more painting for us...the new studio is coming along with two exhausted jewellers at the helm...


  1. Happy Birthday to the both of you!
    I gave myself a present in honor of your birthdays...the two blue storage tins from your shop. ;)
    The footstool looks fantastic!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday to you and Nao. Love the card and map wrapping paper - simple and so effective!
    The footstool looks great - especially those buttons! x

  3. Happy bday- I growl at each of mine lately too.
    Fabulous job on the stool!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  4. Happy Birthday to you both! What fun to have your birthdays in the same week. Excellent job on the upholstery, it looks as good as new. Fay x

  5. that stool is great!!! was it ok to do? I'd love to do some upholstery but its scary to me. I thought that fabric was japanese when I first saw it, partly because, well, its you, but it does look very japanese!
    Happy birthday both, love the map wrapping too. x

  6. Happy birthday to both of you! I love the contrast of the red buttons against the muted fabric!

    Also, I adore Liberty print! You are both lucky to have eachother it seems! x

  7. Belated birthday wishes to you both - love the work you've done on the stool. very clever!

  8. loving the stool makeover! and I HAVE to have some of the Liberty tape....
    happy birthdays! x

  9. love the map-wrapped gift — what a sweet idea. happy birthdays!