28 March 2010

bits of my weekend...

I had a very exhausting weekend, all-in-all. We spent all of Saturday working on the new studio. The painting just seems to go on and on! So we are both tired and aching today, but even so I couldn't resist doing some work on the shed. So I just a bout managed to put up a few shelves and start the first coat of paint inside.

I have also purchased a few additions for the flat, like a vintage wicker lampshade for the bedroom, and yet another crocheted granny blanket! I'm also addicted to buying flowers, I love the colour of those tulips.

...in the garden, the growing is so fast and I'm desperately taking photos as the buds and leaves fold out...it's amazing! ...and a sneaky photo of a neighbours shrub, with dangly flowers, I love it!

and here is a photo of me in the new RUST studio, after we just managed to get our first bit of oak flooring down, what a bloody job it is! I can see why there are actual people who just lay floors for a living...
anyway, we haven't finished it yet but it is looking better all ready!

have a lovely Sunday evening everyone!


  1. Bless you, you look exhausted! Lovely photos and by the way, I love your new-look blog!

  2. I love that lampshade!!!

  3. I bet you're so tired even that wooden floor was comfy?
    I love those dangly flowers. I wonder what they are? xx

  4. Hope your aches are better today!

  5. Wow busy weekend! I love that crocheted granny blanket, I'm gonna keep my eye out for one the next time I go thrifting!

  6. I'm fast falling in love with your blog...

  7. Lovely photos and by the way, I love your new-look blog!
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  8. May I know where is the market? Someday I'll go there :)

    Love your blog very much
    (I'm from Thailand)