'bed making' - tiny paper bunting

17 March 2010

I'm stuck in bed all day due to a stinking cold. I have been so busy for so long, that I can't just do nothing! So I have invented for myself 'bed making'. I have produced some paper bunting in bed!
If you fancy making some bed bunting, you will need...

...some grapes, a banana sandwich...

...some colourful papers (these were from a lovely Japanese friend), string or embroidery thread, scissors, glue, a tray & some company.

Luckily these came already cut into small squares, so not too difficult to make triangles. 

I'm going to use the off-cuts to make a collage for later bed making projects. I recommend the tray so you won't be discovering bits of paper in you pyjamas two months later.

Fold over the top edge slightly, and snip of the corners that stick out. Spread a quick drying glue in the crease and slot on the string and press until the glue dries.

Keep doing this whilst watching naff soap operas and sickly kids programs until you have finished all your bits of paper!

Hang up somewhere near your bed {sadly you will have to leave your bed slightly to do this} then sit back and admire your work...then remember that you are ill, and resume feeling miserable again.

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