7 March 2010

back garden adventures & the pub

Our moving flat is still an on-going business! Just one box and one bag of clothes left to find a place for.
As i mentioned, our flat backs onto an old cemetery with a small field in between. It is for residence only so very quite, like our own park in our back garden! Can't wait for summer!

We took our first adventure to check out how old the graves were! It turns out they are newer than we thought, so i hope no zombies come knocking on our back door...

We were surprised to find a swing!...I tested it out....

...then we found the graves, and we felt rather sombre

we saw some very fat squirrels and wondered what they had been munching on!

After many other jokes about dead bodies, and reflecting at the shortness of life in general, we went to try out our new local pub...

Which seems very popular with dogs and babies.

but with a lovely menu, Nao had roasted salmon with risotto, I had mushroom and goats cheese pies with spinach. We'll be going again shortly!

So we are now a little more acquainted with our new area, and still within zone 2 of London, it feels very much like a country village, perfect for someone like us!!
I'll show you some more home photos soon, and tomorrow we start work on renovating our new workshop!! Yes, another move to do...EXCITING! : )


  1. Loving the big Photo's and you look so cute in them too. Especially like your neck scarf! Must admit though that all the talk about yummy food is making my tummy growl. Glad you are settling in.
    only one box and one bag!!!!!?
    We have been in for four months now and I swear the boxes have been mating. I keep finding them. Have actually started to hide them now. L x

  2. Im glad your settling in well!

    Your very lucky to have all that green space behind your flat too- lucky you!

    and good luck with the studion move too.

  3. All sounds lovely, especially the lunch! And looks like you have the start of some spring sunshine over your way too...

  4. all looks lovely!

    I was on the south coast this weekend, I could see the Isle of Wight and thought of you :)

  5. I love cemetaries... the pictures are so beautiful!