8 February 2010


To add to my Grandma repertoire, I am trying the art of embroidery. Too impatient am I to read any sort of book or manual about it, I just started some stitching without really knowing what I was doing.
It's quite a lovely way to spend some time actually, really relaxing!
I began by stitching some words I like.
I'm thinking to embroider words on some T shirts and pillow cases next!


  1. Is there no end to your talents?! x

  2. Love the stitching! What fun to pick the words....
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  3. Very nice! I agree about not wanting to follow instructions - I have a fatal flaw that way myself, but perhaps it does help creativity...

  4. That's very neat stitching. I'm OK reading HOW to do something but I don't like following patterns. I want to do my own design - only it often ends up looking ****! xx

  5. Your embroidery is really pretty and neat! I love that you sew words, it's almost like little poems.