snowy market

9 February 2010

Oh Lordy! Are we mad or what! We rose like zombies at 4.30am and went out in the snow, yes that's, snow, to the market...
We found lots of interesting things, some jewellery bits and bobs, some things for the bucket tree, and some things for us, well me mainly.

I loved this Lumiere camera, and a one-eyed monkey that I felt sorry for.

I bought some nice bits of fabric for making stuff, and some aprons.
an amazing wooden toy piano! some nice tins and clothes pegs, toy building bricks, a Merrythought parrot, a tiny rocking horse, a book of cigar labels, vintage playing cards,....and a lovely welsh tapestry blanket, ...breathe....
We also found box after box of nice shells and corals for our jewellery shop display and two bottles of really old un-popped bottles of champagne!

It was so cold, my nose was red for quite some time afterwards. I was worried it wouldn't go back to normal.

After our mammoth marketing experience, we had an appointment to see a flat, but it was quite small and another person came too, so we had to make offers on it...the other person offered higher than what we thought it was worth, so we lost it! Never mind, maybe it just wasn't meant to be. It definitely wasn't my dream home anyway!

I am feeling very . . . . . .....s...l...e...e...p...y.... . . . . . .

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