11 February 2010

sheds of sheds

photo from here

We are just finalising the tenancy agreement on our new flat! Oh yes indeed!
We ended up in SE22, which is officially East Dulwich, but bordering with Forest Hill. It backs onto a cemetery! So I hope Plimsoll won't think someone kindly left her litter patches all over the place...very embarrassing if she goes to toilet on someone's grave.

It is a bit smaller than our current flat, which is not great as what we really needed was more space! But if we want to save up to buy our own place, then we will have to make do.

Anyway, the garden is bigger, and I was contemplating to have a small shed, to house my loom and bits...I then got taken away with the idea that I could make it like these beautiful sheds!
photo from here

photo from
But, more likely I will only be allowed/afford a shed like this...

£109 from B&Q. But I could paint it and make it look pretty, no?
Weaver's Cottage!


  1. I have a bog standard shed. Painted it cream inside and green + cream outside (Culprinol). I'm gradually finding ornaments, window boxes etc to decorate the ouside. Inside is just storage, but looks nice and tidy. Check out 'Shed Hall of Fame'. There're some nice ideas there. Hope you realise your dream :) xx

  2. I also have a bit of a shed fetish! Actually, what I'd really love is a garden big enough to have a summerhouse as a studio! I guess I'll just keep doing the lottery! x

  3. Ah many many congrats on finding a new place; bit of a result that it's in Dulwich! Your shed comments have made me chuckle - everyone should have a shed especially if you have loads of "stuff". I seem to have a mouse living in mine that eats rosehip fruit and leaves all the seeds behind for me to clean up. What a messy mouse!

  4. I think Weaver's Cottage will look beautiful. Congratulations on finding a new home. I'm sur Plimsoll will love it and that you will make it look amazing.Lx

  5. Artemis it is one of my ultimate dreams to have a space at the end of the garden- a treehouse or shed otr caravant- that i can paint and wall paper and fill with beauty. You should definitely invest! would the ba nd Q one be big enough? You could bring it with you when you move and im sure you'd make it so lovely!