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25 February 2010

Here are a few odd finds from my recent junk collecting...these 'bad taste' ceramics are strangely appealing to me! But, once put on a nice white shelf, I can see them for the wondrous designs that they truly are!
In fact, I might even go as far as to say that, I love 'em! I love the style of 'The Good Life' (for those who are not from UK, its a 70s TV sitcom about self-sufficient couple living in suburban London).
Just looking at this fabulous brown cruet set makes me go all 'ooh Jerry'. But, it could also look at home in a Le Corbusier kitchen! Uber stylish, no?

I was also attracted to these, strangely directed at children, alcoholic beverage mats!  I found four, which I'm planning to put into the bucket tree soon.

And, I found a lovely cosy Welsh Tapestry blanket, I can't believe the amount of work involved in making this, no wonder they last lifetimes!
Soooo, I shall hopefully be putting a few of the bits and bobs into my shop soon along with some others I've collected. looks like our new flat is alot more stress and effort than we thought, dealing with Estate Agents and referencing companies is horrendous and am now thinking that a cardboard box could be more homely and less traumatic to acquire. Big sigh....
We were meant to be moving in this weekend, but now we are not sure if we are or not! and, are set too loose a small fortune of cash to boot (long story) so no exciting news from that part of my life! maybe there will be some good news around the corner.
At least there is junk to be collected, that always brings a smile to my face!

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