flea market finds, and a story of woe

5 February 2010

Yep indeed, we went to the market yesterday, and found so many nice things, but not just nice, expensive as well!
I fell for this framed sampler, I love the colours! and a pair of Ercol armed chairs which were so expensive (for me) but actually quite cheap. These fit into my imaginary house which i don't have yet!

Some other bits and bobs for the bucket tree, toy sauce pan and kettle, and tin lunch box.

a beautiful cotton top...for the summers that we never get, and a book!
I have lately been collecting frames, and last night, I slopped loads of white emulsion all over them...my idea is to frame all the books I like and mount them on a nice white wall...which I don't have!
I have a big problem right now, as we are looking for a new abode to rent, I have foolishly been letting my dreams wander, and visualising the home of my dreams with white walls, wooden floors, sewing room, study, garden with mature trees, library, utility room, possibly a conservatory, quiet tree lined road, the nice bit of Peckham or the nice bit of Nunhead or the nice bit of East Dulwich, close to the train station, not too far from a good pub and cafe, with park nearby...breath!
BUT, then I realise we can only afford rent enough for a bedsit in a Deptford council estate, our mouldy flat doesn't seem so bad now!
Earth calling Artemis. Hello?
How can I make £350,000 in 12 months without doing anything illegal or degrading?
Answers on a postcard please:
.......and don't say 'stop buying things from the market'!!

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