2 February 2010

Peckham! I hope we meet again!...we have today, notified our landlord, of our one month notice to leave our rented flat.

It's ok here, but the flat has damp really badly, that just ain't pleasant! and I shall be sooo pleased to say goodbye to these carpets!
It seems likely that we will look for something bigger so maybe we can't stay in Peckham any longer as it has become just too pricey (thank a lot East Dulwich!). Maybe Nunhead, Crofton Park or Brockley are a better deal for renting.

I'm not sure how I will cope without the Montpelier or Petitou, but we must spread our wings I feel. The main problem is finding somewhere that will accept our cat, so it narrows down the search to places with a cat flap! Oh well we have a few weeks, so wish us luck!

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