22 February 2010

close-up adventure

Yesterday, we walked from our home to visit a friend (who makes amazing chandeliers!) in Brixton.
It is so wet in London at the moment, but we saw some lovely dripping, soggy and colourful mosses and lichten, and some beautiful old, semi-derelict houses. I took some photos along the way...

I used to live very near to this tiny road, it is so amazing in the summer, covered in clematis and rambling roses. It is an unadopted road (not owned or maintained by the council) and planning permission is a little more forgiving, so further up the road, some architects have built lovely tiny contemporary houses from wood and glass etc. I'd love to live here one day. Especially the little old former bakery (?) it could be France!

p.s. I took these with my pocket camera so sorry if they make your eyes go funny!


  1. what is the road of that lovely little road? i used to live near brixton but im now an east londoner!!!

  2. Its called Stories Road (I think!) It runs between two roads so it's only accessable by going through a narrow alley...between Camberwell Grove and Grove Lane.

    I saw a completely white squirrel there once, but thats another story...

  3. ooohhh thanks! will have to make a visit to there one day!!! over here in walthamstow near where i live there are some lovely little alleys with beautiful houses espically a place called vinegar alley( i think its called that) well the road i like is near there anyway...LOL so im always on the lookout for pretty streets!
    a white squirrel? i would DIE to see that!!! thanks for sharing!!!
    p.s i love your blog!!! xx

  4. I think you showed me that lane before.. I'm sure one day you will live there.

    Thanks for the advert.. do you like the 'fray bentos' steak and kidney pie chimney? of course Blaise made it. Hand made copper rivits, a mid-sized ravioli tin and an emergency exhaust repair sleeve. Where was I in the genious queue..

  5. lovely shots! the colours are beautiful! x

  6. Nice macro work. The moss shots would be nice framed as a set. These don't make my eyes go funny except with appreciation of them. :)

  7. Katie Jane25.2.10

    I love how you see beauty in every part of London even its raining cats and dogs! You make me want to leave Brick Lane and move to Peckham!