12 February 2010

all at sea

This is my brother Dante! he has just started his own blog to promote his new business as a hire-able skipper!

So if you are into sailing or the like, and are a bit weary of embarking on a first voyage, or you'd just like to go a bit further than usual and you are not too confidant out in the wide open sea, then Dan can accompany you on your trip, and give you some helpful hints and tips along the way, so next time you might feel a bit more like a learned sailor!
He is a fully qualified Yachts master, and is based on the Isle of Wight, he also knows about fishing, free-diving and surfing...he's your man! Captain Dan!
Check out his blog 'ALL AT SEA' for more details.


  1. Oh my gosh what amazing parents to give you such great names!

  2. Mr F loves sailing so I will direct him to Dante's blog...

    And, I love the B&Q shed below, painted a dusky eau de nil and decked out with some vintage fabric bunting of course!

  3. Your life seems pretty damn rad, and I would most definitely trade to be in your shoes in a week.

    But no offense, I would permanently move into your brother's soul just to be a professional anything concerning sailing. Oh, hello biggest dream in the world!