14 January 2010

Oh no snow!

I'm sure you are all sick of the snow by now, but yesterday, it actually snow right here in Peckham! We missed out on the nationwide blanket from the last two weeks, until I woke up yesterday, thinking a nice sunny day was upon us, when, peering through the blind, I realised it was the reflection of the gleaming white snow!

Even Peckham looks beautiful under snow!

Our cat Plimsoll was less enthusiastic about the goings on, and instead reverted to her usual two recovery positions of: as close to the radiator as humanly (or felinely?) possible without actually slow roasting.
And, looking at the garden and keeping an eye on birds and other cats from the warm secure windowsill.

I, meanwhile have been busying myself with the quiz of how to hang pictures and shelves up in our flat without actually using nails, screws or hooks (prohibited by our Landlord).
I assembled another set of the 'picture rail' hanging shelves, so we now have two.
And the cunning use of white string for the pictures!
The oval thing hanging on the shelves, was a present from Nao, its a handpainted ceramic buckle for tying around your Obi (with kimono it goes around your waist)I think! The cord is made of silk and is soo soft!I love it, and shall wear it with dresses too!

I found that weaving on the floor is my new speciality. I put down a cotton quilt for extra comfort to the derriere. I had quite a lot of warp left from my last project, so I thought I'd quickly weave it off using experimental colours, before I remove it for my next big 'birthday present' project.
Those cushions, by the way, were knitted by my late Grandma, I love those colours, you don't seem to see these kind of colours in modern life anymore, why zat?

Yum, I was thinking to drip a bit of whiskey on this, and gulp it down in one!


  1. It's amazing how many people have snow right now, even places where it seldom snows. We have less snow than in most Januaries....but I'm OK with sharing it!

    Glad to see that your loom is out!!!


  2. Oh, how I have missed dropping by, and what a lovely treat to come back and find these beautiful pictures. I love how comfortable your home looks and the snow. I am green with envy. I haven't had nearly enough. L x

  3. Hannah18.1.10

    Love your blog - I never normally comment but I have to know where the picture rail hanging shelves come from! Were they a lucky find or are there more out there? Thanks!

  4. I also like sitting on the floor to weave, when I'm using a small loom. Don't you find it is good to sit in different places and look at the world from different angles? ;)

  5. looks lovely and cosy inside:)