16 January 2010

junkstore cowgirl!

7.30am this morning I sprang out of bed, bunged on my jeans and about four layers of other clothing and ran out of the door!
All week I have been looking forward to the markets, some of which I rarely or never been to before. My thinking was, that in this miserable weather, freezing cold and pouring with rain, that would be enough to weed out only but the most hardened junk collector, thus allowing more bargains for me!
I was quite right too as I found loads of nice stuff at bargain prices, but my god, I had to work for it!
I did two markets and seven charity shops in three different parts of London, and now feel knackered, shivery and dizzy!

I need to now work out what to keep and what to sell, but I love them all, can I really part with them?

That flower shaped baking tin is one of my particular favourites, just imagine the nice big cake coming out of that!

These plates would look nice on the wall me thinks...

and what an amazing book! I love the fox & the killer donkey the best.

a 1980s illuminating globe, I always wanted one of these...its the world, no, its a lamp, no, its a wamp! anyway, it needs a new bulb is all. And a very old toilet roll holder, oh yes!

a lovely hand knitted aran jumper in a 'heather' colour, and the most amazing orange flowery nightdress, from New Zealand no less! And a nice collection of unused handkerchiefs, I must be able to make something with these, no?

After my whirlwind blitz on south London, I made it home with aching arms and soaking feet, absolutely starving hungry. I imidiatley started the proceedings for a cheese and tomato toasted sandwich, when...

I found THIS staring back at me.

This answers my long standing suspicion that cheese does indeed have feelings too.
Happy weekend! (Take my advice, don't go outside)


  1. I have spent the early hours of this morning debating with myself whether I should head out to the Salvation Armies and 2nd Hand Stores in Brooklyn or stay in and work on some things - the cheese image chose for me - grilled cheese, tea and sewing it is lol (Cheese doesn't have a mind of its own!)..thanks!

  2. Oooh, I was also in south London today at a carboot sale! which ones did you hit? We went to wimbledon- the grey hound racing course

    I had medium luck, nothing incredible.

  3. That cheese story has cheered me right up. :) (Not that I needed cheering but there's always room for extra giggles, no?) Lovely finds too, as always. I love seeing what you've bought - I'm so rubbish at buying stuff that's not new, it makes it specially fun to see someone else do it properly (in fact, I'm just writing a blog post about that...).

  4. good finds, well done. it's raining here too, very miserable turn of events, it's so hard to think of things to do in the rain. i admire your prowess and dedication. i did go to the junk shop yesterday to satisfy my junk cravings, no carboot sales until February in this part of the world! i mean!!

  5. p.s. what did you get Hannah?

  6. I love that you noticed the cheese.

  7. Sweet sad cheese!!

  8. ooo, great finds indeed, lucky you!

  9. Wow and I thought I was a hard core junker/thrifter... no wonder we both chose 'aholic' as part of our blog names. :) Your effort was definitely worth it-- I love the bottles in the first photo & I hope you hold on to the flower tin!

  10. That junk crusade is almost like doing a gym workout! And I was going to suggest you put the cake tin up for sale so I can buy it!