24 January 2010

flea market finds & thinking

Well this weekend I have spoken to only one person, and even that was on Skype from the other side of the world...therefore I have been inwardly thinking about life in general, and have created a big cloud of unfinished thoughts and ambitions hanging over my head but without actually being able or bothered to do something about them!

I have been dreaming about moving to a nice place to live somewhere, with no damp patches and puke coloured carpet and with plenty of shelves, how I dream about having shelves!
I suppose I'm getting to that age!

I really don't understand how everyone else seems to have so much money, I mean how do people afford £365,000 for a small house, then a car, then holidays abroad?...and this is quite meagre standards in London terms.
But, if its all about borrowing, then I'd rather have less, and live more. So in the end, I decide that I'm happy with what I've got! but...then I look at the damp patch and the puke coloured carpet, and then the circle of thoughts happen again! blimey.

Anyway, back to the important stuff... yesterday I went out finding junk as usual, and I found these...

A Heidi book and Russian doll reminding me of being a kid again.
A chicken tapestry cushion.

An amazing 1950s desk lamp, various crockery, a glass cake stand, a red apron, a 1930s nightdress case and a wooden handles fabric bag.

Some of these may be appearing in my next shop update.
Happy weekend everyone! And thanks soooo much to those lovely people who voted for me in the Poppies awards!


  1. Oh there must be something in the air! I also dream of shelves. Just before I read your post i was standing in our study/studio/spare room/junk room, thinking this room needs shelves. Lots of them.

    Good finds, as always!

  2. There's definitively something in the air! I've spent a lot of time today looking at houses on the internet. I want a bigger and better loom, and in our flat there's definitively not a square metre of extra space.

  3. oh Charlotte, thats exactly what I thought too! Where can I put my loom! It takes up so much space, i wish i had my own 'loom'room!

  4. I often wonder whether we will be able to have an annual holiday and about how others afford to do it too! But you are very lucky to be doing something you love as your job - much more important than earning a fortune from it! And having puke coloured carpets has it's advantages - the parties you could have!!!

  5. I had that Heidi edition and that Russian doll too! Straight back to childhood...

    I also find myself looking at people and wondering where on earth they get their money from for these extravagent lifestyles, but have concluded that they are either in debt or they work all hours and never enjoy their family and home. So what's the point? I like your phrase, 'have less and live more'.

  6. I think you needed to get to that flea market this weekend.
    Look out for a rug at a car boot to throw over the puke colour carpet and take joy in the fact that those who have houses and cars and holidays probably haven't got a creative bone in their bodies! xx

  7. I often wonder where people get their money from too. I've decided they've all got rich parents. Well, it makes me feel better than just facing up to the fact that they're probably more sensible than me...

  8. but you have so many lovely findings! the russian doll so pretty, and you can never have to many cake stands. sometimes i think about selling all my stuff and just traveling the world, without having a home to worry about.

  9. laura25.1.10

    Hello im a long term lurker but first time poster!
    i just had to comment as i just wanted to say i totally understand how u feel about houses! i still live at home but we privately rent! we have lived in some right scummy places! we currently live in a lovely house( compared to our last one that completely flooded and the landlord did nothing about it) but it still has its down sides eg leaks but not as bad as before! you would not want to get into debt though by buying a house or struggling as u would not be able to fill ur house with pretty items! i would love the oppurtunity to own a shop (craft shop) rather then a house hopefully some day it will happen!!!

  10. I'm jealous of your winter flea markets... love the nesting doll & the chicken pillow.

  11. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels like this!

    I'd be happy to live anywhere really, but I get fustrated that whn you rent a place, you can't change anything if you don't like it! I'd love to be able to paint a room, put up a shelf or change the flooring if i felt like it! What luxury! ah dream on....