26 January 2010

diamonds & blog of the week!

These are some of the new platinum & Rose-cut diamond engagement and wedding rings we are currently working on.
I'm hoping to make engagement ring samples for our London Workshop soon too (these ones are going to our Japan shop).
The wedding rings we do have in London, also, we have just started doing little Princess cut diamonds to have in your wedding ring, you can have just one, or all over your ring! I'll take some pictures of those too soon. See our RUST WEDDING site for more info!
Also, I just spotted this I am Blog of the Week over on HomeShoppingSpy! How I beamed from ear to ear when I saw my blog mentioned over there! I feel just like when I won the Christmas Cracker competition at Middle School! A big thank you to them for making my day a little bit nicer!


  1. I love rose cuts and you work looks beautiful. Great Blog! x

  2. Oh my! I never ever desired a diamond engagement ring; I always preferred some old, antique ruby ring instead. but this is making me change my mind... Gorgeous.

  3. gorgeous... I will slyly mention your site and see if I get one for our 5th anniversary next year.

  4. I love all your jewelry designs and the first one is especially amazing. I enjoy how you incorporate inspiration from the past with contemporary style.

  5. Congratulations! And I love those rings...

  6. Wow... wonderful design ... this valentine’s day...... i'm definitely going to buy one from this online store!!

  7. Fantastic Layout and information. Have bookmarked the page.Will visit soon.



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