12 January 2010

80 year old parrot comes back to life!

I found this little 1930s nightlight in a charity shop a few years ago. It has a small clear bulb, and the other is shaped like a parrot and is hand painted! 

Inside the bottom was a very simple mechanism (nothing there!) I put in some batteries just to see, and after half an hour of fiddling, it just lit up! for a second.
But last night I think I managed to fix it, so you can change from clear to parrot depending on your mood!
I think it is amazing that such an old light bulb, still works after 80 or so years...even more so because it is a tiny wee parrot!


  1. Ohh, it's so beautiful!
    Amazing you got it working after all this time :)

  2. It's adorable. Congrats on getting it working. You have permission to feel proud of yourself! xx

  3. Ooh isn't that so sweet. Why don't they make light bulbs like that any more? A lovely reward for your perseverance.

  4. This is *amazing*!! Good job on the repair, and what a super-great find. I keep wanting to put an Ed Carpenter Pigeon Light in an old standing birdcage, but I haven't found the right cage yet. This is even better!

  5. Oh my, I am in love. So quaintly perfect!

  6. oh my flipping gosh ! my palms have gone all sweaty with excitement ..that parrot light is the most adorable eccentric little masterpiece ..I love it