26 December 2009

xmas day & boxing day

We are having a very relaxing Christmas down here on the Isle of Wight! We are staying at my Mum's house and being fed, and spending the day times venturing out in our hire car, kindly driven by Nao!

We were lucky to catch some nice weather amongst the down pours, such beautiful skies! We couldn't stop taking photos!

These are the famous white chalk cliffs at the Needles lighthouse...

Lovely afternoon sunsets too...

We stopped for mulled wine at this pub...

A large rabbit! Looking all peaceful, I felt very 'at one with nature' ahhh...

We got this...

for Christmas dinner, cooked by my Mum (she cooked a nice piece of salmon for me as I don't eat meat).

We have to return to London tomorrow sadly. Hope you are all having a great Christmas too! X


  1. Those photos are beautiful, and the rabbit is so cute! I always love to look at the open sea and the never-ending horizon.

  2. Just beautiful! Wishing you both a very special New Year. Laura x

  3. Wow those are some gorgeous photos! Seems like you're njoying your holidays, especially that Christmassy food!!

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