xmas card marathon

19 December 2009

As usual, our business Christmas cards were a last minute affair... you might remember that we bought a ton of old playing cards in our last trip to the market, well, these are our RUST Jewellery Christmas cards! We made 250 to send individually to Japan, to our customers and contacts over there. If you receive a certain card, then you win something, cool no?

We had the labels left over from last year when we made hundreds of paper snowflakes!
They are made by Cash labels.

Unlike normal Christmas cards, these ones can hang on the tree, thus being multi purpose!

But not on this tree, which is the smallest tree I ever saw. Last year we had a gigantic monster of a tree, it took up nearly the whole living room and it cost me a tidy sum too. As we are going away for the actual Christmas days, I thought it would be nice to have a tree in a pot and grow it, but I think this one is a dwarf variety and is possibly fully grown already!
'What's the point of it'?, I hear you mutter...
Well, because it makes your presents look MASSIVE!

Our local pub/kitchen/living room, a few yards from our flat, has put up lovely snowflakes in the windows, whilst admiring their reflections...it started snowing! Ahhh I skipped home (full of beer and excitement) and looked forward to seeing the morning snow...but, there was nothing but mush and rain. Booo!!!

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