23 December 2009

the week before christmas!

We had a lovely lunch at our friends house in South London...it was snowy and very Christmassy indeed! We saw the biggest Robin ever! It was the size of at least four Robins in one. Sadly I couldn't get a photo of it, but we did see this beautiful tree as well!

A sunny Sunday in Peckham!

We went for lunch at Franklins pub (its quite posh) they have recently opened their own food shop opposite the pub too...

All the veggies look amazing! We felt like we were in the country, when in fact we were on Lordship Lane! (a very busy South London road).

God knows what these red things are, but they looked lovely especially when the sun hit the bowl.

You can even see me in the bowl if you look very carefully!

Nice purple things... 

and what on earth are 'wet walnuts'? It sounds like a personal hygiene problem.
ahh, I know what this is! XXX

We ate BIG style, I had wild mushroom pie...

and Nao had a partridge with bacon!
After stuffing ourselves, we had a look around Northcross Road market (market is on Saturday but there are some nice shops around)

We saw this poor dog! I don't think he was for sale though.

Then i made mince pies of course! I was quite pleased with my ultra thin and crunchy pastry, as I'm not a frequent baker!

I stayed up till 2.30am wrapping presents on a work night, LUNATIC!

There are more, but this years presents are all obvious from the shapes, so I had to take photo carefully!
So now we are almost done, and finishing work today! I am please to report the best ever monthly sales in our London shop, FIVE times more than December last year! So things are heading the right way. We can put our feet up on the Isle of Wight (we go tomorrow for 3 days) and look forward to 2010 (I can't even say it properly!). I might do some more blogging over Crimbo, you never know...
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE and thank you so much for following my blog XXX


  1. Wet walnuts are amazing! They're the fresh version as opposed to the dried up bits of nut you get in the shops... you must try them next time.

    Congrats on the amazing sales figures too! Have a very merry Christmas...

    Alex x

  2. Hi Alex,
    Yes I will try them next time as i love all nuts, I never had a wet one 'au naturel'.

    Hope you have a lovely Cristmas too!! X

  3. Merry Christmas!! Congrats on such success in your shop - that is wonderful. Have a wonderful time away :)

  4. Aw it's been lovely reading your beautiful blog this year. Here's wishing you and Nao a lovely xmas and an even more successful New Year! Jx

  5. Artemis,
    Congratulations on a good month!
    What a lovely veggies in that shop, lots to try out :-)
    Have a nice Christmas and an even better 2010.
    greetings from Holland