I'm back and I've been to...

10 December 2009

the mARKET! and also the Isle of Wight, but more about that later...
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments in my absence. I feel suitably refreshed and ready for all the festivities and mince pie eating and so-forth.
And how lovely to discover my hundredth, no, hundred and oneth, follower! It's great to know some people out there are interested in my junk and mumblings!
This weeks junk collection service brought us... a pecking hen toy, this kind of thing keeps me amused for years (small minds etc...)

Crimbo boxes.

We bought some books, and some bits of books! I use these to display our jewellery.
Those Victorian were mad I think, are these cats having a tea party? Weird.

...and a frog worried about getting wet in the rain! I love it!

Although religious, these tiny books are perfect for displaying our rings I think...

These playing cards are for a secret project...

So that was this weeks pickings. I have lots more to show you of our accidental trip to the Isle of Wight and some old photos of the Junkaholics predecessors, exciting or what?
AND soon to come are a new collection of RUST jewellery, for sale here in Britain for once! I'll keep you posted, bye for now!

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