Free-ish Christmas {part one}

13 December 2009

I got really into the whole Christmassy thing yesterday, re-arranging the furniture ready to squeeze in some decoration into our tiny flat!

This years decorations have been totally free (well, £2 for an antique book) luckily I have a large stash of vintage baubles (or boobles as Nao calls them) I just picked out a few pale ones to use this year, I love how the colours fade, some are even 1930s!

The rest I made myself, like these ones made from 100 year old book (was badly damaged so do not fear!) I got the idea for the angels from two lovely ladies at Spitalfields market, they have a very inspiring stall every week!

Then I made a few other bits like xmas trees and small bunting, these twigs are from our garden.

The bauble are hanging on my potted cherry tree...I hope it won't mind being indoors for xmas?
I made a wreath for the first time (I made one for our workshop too). I used some Virginia Creeper twigs from the garden, they are just right for bending.

I had this vintage silk ribbon for ages, it finally found a use.

I made a tiny one too!

Merry Christmas everyone! x

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