Free-ish Christmas {part two}

13 December 2009

Yet more Christmassy stuff! Since my last post, I founds a few packs of old game cards in our trunk of junk. The top ones, are some kind of word game.

...and these ones we bought in Paris a few years ago.I had the notion to string them on some gold thread with a sewing needle, and hang them up to increase the festivities.

I bought these bird stamps in The British Museum's Kids shop a while ago, I'm going to try and stamp my wrapping paper with them hopefully!

I love these Angel Chimes, I bought these ones many years ago, online from Sweden.
We had them when I was a kid too!

Those old tea lights I bought on eBay last year, I can't bring myself to light them!

This is my Christmas office.

And this is our local cafe...It was hard work decorating, so we went for emergency cheesy crumpets at Petitou!

Next to come in the series...the worlds smallest living Christmas tree!

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