4 November 2009

uh oh...

I made a big mess...today I have been trying to transform some old boxes from the market into lovely velvet lined boxes of treasure, for displaying our jewellery.

I think this used to hold a silver napkin ring...

It was like this, but now its like...

this! The string is tied around whilst some glue dries, the box fell apart when i was lining it! I put in sections to hold two rings. The rings are mine by the way...

I found these ages ago, thought they would look nice hanging on the wall with ribbons. Good for displaying earrings maybe?

I put black velvet inside them, and they are slightly padded.

This box is covered with thin leather and opens from the top and the side, i think its a Gentleman's clothes brush case.

I lined it in grey cotton velvet for holding lots of rings.

They are mine, all mine!

I also lined the display case with black velvet, bit difficult to take a photo of it as its a bit dark in our living room!

I still have to do all these, maybe its a bigger job than I thought! I need a mug of tea fast!


  1. I adore those little round frames!


  2. They're lovely especially the black box that fell apart! Very smart indeed.


  3. so sad that your lovely little shop is so far away. your rings are dreamy.

  4. Aaaah your rings are gorgeous! I collect rings, especially big chunky cocktail ones - and I am coveting that snake one quite a lot!

  5. wow nice work! you've really given those lovely boxes a new lease of life :)

  6. They look wonderful! You are so lucky that you have the talent to make your own beautiful jewellery!

  7. You are so clever. I love how these are turning out!

  8. tell me more...
    you got a lot of wonderful rings

  9. Nice job on lining the boxes Miss A - I think you must be the secret love-child of two Blue Peter presenters...

  10. A fine collection of lovely boxes...I know waht you mean by starting what you think will be a small project...thanks for all of your comments on my blog :)

  11. Thanks for your words of encouragement! I must point out that only the snake ring and signet ring are by Rust, the topaz ring is from my Grandma, the other one is from the market!