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4 November 2009

I made a big mess...today I have been trying to transform some old boxes from the market into lovely velvet lined boxes of treasure, for displaying our jewellery.

I think this used to hold a silver napkin ring...

It was like this, but now its like...

this! The string is tied around whilst some glue dries, the box fell apart when i was lining it! I put in sections to hold two rings. The rings are mine by the way...

I found these ages ago, thought they would look nice hanging on the wall with ribbons. Good for displaying earrings maybe?

I put black velvet inside them, and they are slightly padded.

This box is covered with thin leather and opens from the top and the side, i think its a Gentleman's clothes brush case.

I lined it in grey cotton velvet for holding lots of rings.

They are mine, all mine!

I also lined the display case with black velvet, bit difficult to take a photo of it as its a bit dark in our living room!

I still have to do all these, maybe its a bigger job than I thought! I need a mug of tea fast!

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