23 November 2009

New RUST Tokyo shop!

The new RUST Tokyo shop! (I think Nao took these on his phone, so sorry if its a tad blurry)
Nao (and friends) have been working really hard for the last month for the re-opening of the RUST shop, and finally it opened on Saturday!

As you can see its quite a contrast the London shop, but I think for Japanese customers its just right!

Lots of greenery, and a black & white theme...

I am liking the moss very much, and the little round frames that I lined are there too!

Its great to see that all the jewellery made it to Tokyo ok!

The men's shop has been moved upstairs (I think men will appreciate being separate from the women whilst in a jewellery shop!!)
Well done everyone in Tokyo, you all did a fantastic job!


  1. I love the flat file display! What a great idea. Also, those mossy shelves. Beautiful!

  2. It looks wonderful - congratulations, you must be thrilled !!!

    By the way, I loved the plait :)

  3. Wow!! The moss shelves and trailing ivy make it look really magical. Wish I could visit in person.


  4. Artemis, it looks fantastic... i think it is like a woodland fairy tale, all it is missing are the fairies :-)Every detail looks so carefully done...
    I love moss, it is so christmasey... it reminds me of the smell of my childhood during Christmas, when we used to make a massive village model for the nativity ... i love the woodlands in winter...
    looking forward to visiting it

  5. The shop looks amazing! Congrats to you guys :)