18 November 2009

the melange chocolate shop...

A big big, grand grand Merci to Isabelle!
As some of you may know (if you keep up to date with my blog that is!) we are opening (more like transforming) our RUST jewellery shop in Tokyo into a new Ladies & Wedding jewellery shop. It was previously Male orientated, so its a massive make-over, not to mention a completely new stock of jewellery made all last minute! (more about that later).
We are having a Press opening this week and Opening to the public this weekend, and we thought, how lovely to give our customers a little present to say thanks for coming!
What could be better than freshly made chocolates handmade in London by a lovely French lady, flying in from the other side of the world no less!
Isabelle's chocolate shop is a stone's throw from our home, on Bellenden Road, Peckham (SE London). You can see her website here.
So I presented Isabelle with the idea to make 300 truffles in 2 days, and she said yes!

She makes fabulous flavours, we had three different types:
White covering ~ Dark Ganache Cardamom & Clove
Milk covering ~ Milk Ganache Lavender & Lemon
Dark covering & Cocoa nibs ~ Milk Ganache Gingerbread & Molasses
(you can also buy these from her shop)

As our budget only stretched so far, we had a small amount in each box, I had to buy smaller boxes, so three truffles in each.
It took me till 3am to get them ready to dispatch with FedEx the next day (Oi, FedEx, no 'missing in transit' parcels this time thank you!)

So here are the 100 boxes all packed up and ready to go. I managed to only eat two whilst packing (truffles that is, not boxes!) which I was very proud of.

I can't help thinking these would be great for weddings parties and other such events, highly recommended!


  1. Ha! "truffles that is, not boxes!" - Though after all that work, I don't think anyone would blame you if you started to go a little box-nibbling crazy! The boxes are beautiful - best of luck on the re-opening!

  2. How stunning they all look packaged up, mouth-watering delights indeed..!
    Wishing you the best in the re-launch of your shop.

  3. Ooh how yummy do those look! Good luck with the relaunch, I'm sure you'll be rushed off your feet making more jewellery before long!

  4. Dear Artemis,

    you are such an artist, you made these truffles and your boxes looking so good.
    Thanks so much to ad me to your blog; I will post this link soon to my list too.

    Let me know how it did go ?

    Best wishes,


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