19 November 2009

it was a struggle...

...but we made it in the end!
In fact we made another 100 pieces of jewellery this week, already dispatched and arriving at RUST Tokyo as I write this!
A few minor last minute panics but all-in-all I think we (Eiko and I) did a rather good job!

We have a few more platinum and rose cut diamond ring samples...

and now some earrings too!

Our engraver Darren, did a fantastic job with these rings, I love the carved wedding ring set with a 1.5mm white diamond, and the heart ring has a hand milled edge and the Latin word for 'seek'.

and some more silver roses, this one was threaded with silk ribbon by Eiko.
Usually our pieces are worked on by four different people! When you sell more, you have to make more, so having a system is really important. (it also helps to have an Eiko!)

lots of earrings this time, these ones are Cognac quartz, Cornelian and Freshwater pearl.
The Press opening is tomorrow...its quite scary, I hope it all goes well in Japan and that the deliveries arrive on time!
Now I need to get this workshop back to a shop again, it looks like a bomb hit it!


  1. gosh. i need to get those rings on my fingers.

  2. Wow well done Team Rust, the collection looks gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! All the best for the grand opening in Tokyo (hope Nao has time to take some pics!) Jools x

  3. You guys are so amazing! Well done. Everything looks so beautiful and beautifly presented as well. x

  4. I love it, love it, love it! So beautiful, thanks for sharing!