i went to the market, and i bought a...

12 November 2009

wee birdy!

...and all his mates!

I can't quite understand why there are three birds in one nest? Is one a 20-something that just wont leave home do you think?
Thought this would make a nice shop display for Easter, ...wow I'm planning ahead, that's new!

Is it called macrame? this kind of string bag, I like very much, and shall be keeping my sewing scraps in here until next summer.

A rather splendid book.

I know its out of focus, but I love this pattern.

a children's card game, ...it just makes me happy, ALRIGHT!

Pinking shears! I absolutely love it when, you actually need something, and had planned to buy new ones for a fortune, and then find beautiful vintage ones in the market instead! Oh it makes me so pleased to be alive.

a dashing clip-on bow tie, a rather lovely shape I thought. Nao, shall we go to Claridges? Shall we, shall we!

and a whole stack of these little enamel tags, one has been painted, and although not my cup-of-tea, it did give me the idea to paint words on them myself and make into necklaces for the shop.
Who dares wins!
I really must do some work now...

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