12 November 2009

i went to the market, and i bought a...

wee birdy!

...and all his mates!

I can't quite understand why there are three birds in one nest? Is one a 20-something that just wont leave home do you think?
Thought this would make a nice shop display for Easter, ...wow I'm planning ahead, that's new!

Is it called macrame? this kind of string bag, I like very much, and shall be keeping my sewing scraps in here until next summer.

A rather splendid book.

I know its out of focus, but I love this pattern.

a children's card game, ...it just makes me happy, ALRIGHT!

Pinking shears! I absolutely love it when, you actually need something, and had planned to buy new ones for a fortune, and then find beautiful vintage ones in the market instead! Oh it makes me so pleased to be alive.

a dashing clip-on bow tie, a rather lovely shape I thought. Nao, shall we go to Claridges? Shall we, shall we!

and a whole stack of these little enamel tags, one has been painted, and although not my cup-of-tea, it did give me the idea to paint words on them myself and make into necklaces for the shop.
Who dares wins!
I really must do some work now...


  1. such great finds....one after another...
    i love the birds
    and the fabulous pinking shears...and the box they came in is perfect!!

  2. oh my. it's been a while since i went to a market or a carboot sale, and that pains me. and now seeing all your spoils! i'm soooooooooo jealous. i love the birds in the nest, obv. and the pinking shears and the children's dominos are so beautiful. and i'd love a painted enamel tag on a necklace, oh yes please!

  3. Anonymous12.11.09

    Hi - Just found your blog - its lovely, hope to find your shop next time I'm in London. Sam

  4. Great finds! I would have bought the kids game too. So cute it makes me smile too!

  5. lot's of wonderful goodies
    which market?

  6. What a gorgeous post, and a lovely blog. And could you just paint the word "buttons" on one of those little tags for me to hang off my special button jar please? Now that would be lovely...

  7. Ohhh, I love the macrame bag! Maybe I will create something like it with crochet! :)

  8. Oh thing! What gorgeous finds. I love the vintage domino game.

  9. Oh, oh! I LOVE your little birds! And the 20-something analogy... That made me smile!

  10. Your flea finds are always my favorites! I love everything you got and really love the idea of words on the charms.

  11. Love those birds... so cute! There's three in the nest as they're being all cosy ;) And the enamel necklaces sound lovely too :)

  12. Those enamel tags are just wonderful. You always manage to find something magical.