11 November 2009

the fruits of our labour

Blimey! I am knackered! We have been quite frantic here in the workshop this week, finishing ladies jewellery to send to the Tokyo shop, which is due to open on the 21st (I think?).

Thus far, we have produced these ones, and many more!

These are made of silver, onyx, quartz and silk ribbon.

This one is 9ct gold, rock crystal and a tiny vintage silver powder compact!

And a tiny silver envelope with retractable pencil, just what you need eh?

...also a silver & 9ct gold top heart ring with milled edge.


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  2. Each piece is beautiful...I'm jealous of the residents of Tokyo

  3. very very lovely.

  4. coo....coooo....what a super lovely set of posts your work is simply d.i.v.i.n.e

    thanks for sharing it in such an inspiring , fun and infectious way :)
    one day ...I am goig to treat myself to one of your tiny tiny old jewellery box key s made into a ring yay !

  5. These are stunning! btw - I just love your british lingo ;)

  6. Oh I absolutely adore that little envelope & pencil :)

    And the 1st one is just beautiful.

  7. Ahhh your work is gorgeous. I really love it all

  8. Such beautiful work... I see you love birds too....swoon!