27 November 2009

finished scarf

Just thought I'd show you the scarf that I made for Nao's mum. She lives in Japan and it was meant as a surprise so I took these photos a while ago.
I used Shetland wool as a base, and then wove in some dark purple, cream & grey silk and some other small amounts of colour.
Hope she liked it!
I used my new label too!


  1. Another beautiful scarf from your loom!! I love how you styled the photos of this one too - hanging it in a frame. Very cool!

    Nao's mom is lucky to get such a beautiful gift!

    Nice labels!!


  2. The scarf that you have woven was absolutely beautiful. So great in colors and exciting to use different types of yarn.

    I have not gotten so much longer for me to weave scarf. Everything is pretty much ready for the weaving, but I wait for the next lesson in the course I go over the internet.

    I'm sorry if my English is a little strange, but I use google translator, and is not even very good at writing English. Reading is easier for me. Turid

  3. very cool scarf,love the colors

  4. It is a very lovely scarf, looks soft and good to wear, and I like the quiet colours. Good to see you are weaving again, although I like the other things you do too.

  5. This is so gorgeous! I love the addition of your tag to it...really completes the look.

  6. Wow, so talented! It's beautiful!

  7. Lucky lady! It's a really lovely scarf - you have a very good eye for the design. Loving the label too - really adds charm.

  8. Your scarf looks beautiful and I love the way you hung it in the frame!

  9. Anonymous25.10.10

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