22 October 2009

work in progress!

Yet more from the workshop...
Now that I'm feeling better, there is no excuse not to get making for the deadline. I have assembled quite a few pieces so far, but they all need soldering and setting.
I had a few people say 'whats happening to your vintage shop, are you not doing it anymore?'
well, I have to say, running two online shops, a retail shop, a workshop, weaving, sewing, a blog and, most importantly, manufacturing jewellery is quite a lot to have on one's plate at one time!
So a few non essentials will have to be put on hold till we re-open the Tokyo shop...as that's where our income comes from!
But, I hope to replenish the Bucket Tree with lots of new stock soon, as I have some treasures tucked away just itching to be posted off to the likes of Las Vegas and South Korea!
(I find it hilarious sending old cups and such, to the other side of the planet, and seeing the confused look on the post office staff, when they ask me whats inside. fantastic!)

I like this one a lot...

The roof of our workshop (which is at the top of the building) has been leaking for at least 3 years! I put a bucket underneath and I catch more water than it actually rained, puzzling?
So sadly I cant use under the leaking spot, so I decided to put a plant more suited to the rainforests under there, it looks at home, and it brightens up our 'Dickensian' corner (feels like Little Dorrit when I look at the mouldy plaster work and hear drip drip drip).

This is called a Black orchid, but as you can see it certainly is not black...puzzling again?
Anyway, thank you all for reading my blog, its sooo lovely to hear from you all and i hope to have a time to sit down and leave messages to all your posts soon!


  1. ah. well, Artemis, no one could ever accuse you of laziness! that's quite a plateful you've got there.

    i do love what you're working on right now. i can just see you in your little garret. what does that top necklace (?) say? i love it.

    i'm very fond of your part of London. gosh, i am really missing London at the moment. in great heart-felt pangs.

    it'd be great to see you over at mine one day soon. XX

  2. wow artemis- anyone else would have a total melktdown at all that! im very impressed!

    More importantly- I am LOVING your new jewellry- seriously. I love the necklaces.I was wondering whether you'd ever considered running jewellry making courses? If they werent too expensive id so be there!

    and what an inventive way of solving a leaky roof problem!

  3. Absolutely stunning work, I want them all!

  4. I love the miniature dice on the necklace... TOO CUTE!
    I want I want I want!
    XOXO Paris

  5. Oh my gosh, I just love the hair pin piece - and the little rabbit! I love collecting odds and ends, but have no eye for putting them together - you are so talented! Also: I kind of *want* my roof to spring a leak now, so I can stick a plant beneath the hole. So clever!