12 October 2009

where the odd things are..

Here we have...more weird stuff to squash 'temporarily' into our workshop...
I am liking very much anything to do with natural history at the moment. Especially old pictures and diagrams like these postcards...

I suppose there is something terribly British about killing something beautiful, sticking it in a box to learn all about it, that intrigues me a bit. Of course, understandable back in Victorian times without digital photography and email etc... it was the only way to keep a record, but as this kind of thing is now illegal in most cases, I feel we should admire them in that they helped us to know more about the world.
All very serious isn't it?! Luckily these ones are just printed...
My cat finds insects a particularly tasty snack, I bet she has eaten quite a few important species by now, ergh!

We also found these embroidered things, they must have been from a church. There is so much work involved!
The Pearl rings are by me of course!


  1. what pretty pearl rings, you clever thing. and i'm with you on natural history, i used to have an old chocolate box full of eggs all blown by my father and his brother. all kinds of wild bird eggs. it was just what they did in those days. those postcards are lovely.

  2. Those pearl rings are so beautiful.

  3. ichihan112212.10.09

    Liked your perl rings very much.
    I've sent you a message to your antique web shop. Could you please check? Thanks.

  4. those rings are so gorgeous... and I'm loving the butterfly postcards. I do think there is a touch of the macabre about being british!