28 October 2009

vintage necklace discovery

I discovered this necklace on the Internet, described as 1930s but alas, has HONG KONG blatantly stamped on the back! So maybe its from 1980s, never mind, i thought, i looooove it! (I love anything for £6.50!)
I like the idea that its between a collar and a necklace, basically making even a t-shirt look rather fetching. I'm already going through all my clothes (in my head like a flicker book) that this will go with.
Its made of tiny white iridescent beads, and has a great button clasp at the back. Rather tricky to photograph the back of one's own neck, I found out.
So, another piece of 80s get-up comes to surprise me, whatever next? a shell suit?


  1. love it! I want one!


  2. Gorgeous... but please no shell suits. I think that would make me cry if I came over here and you were wearing one!

  3. so so beautiful. it is and you are. the photograph of the back of your neck is quite Sarah Moon-ish. makes me want to grow my hair so i can wear it up again.

    viva la 1980s!

  4. I'm sure you could make a shell suit look cool but perhaps it's a good idea to steer clear and stick to lovely necklaces - like this one!

  5. Really pretty and quite posh looking, too!

  6. ha ha, I shall wear a shell suit for halloween!

  7. i am in pure love and lust with your wondeful 'rust' site.
    wow i wish i was terribly rich!
    the bangle with golden leaf and sea pearl button is my pure favourite.
    and what splendid little reads i find on your blog.